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“Your IQ can tell you what you can do, but it can’t tell you how to do it.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


There have been so many recent findings and much scientific research on the topic of nature and our overall health and well-being.  Scientists are studying everything from how noise levels in our workplace and communities affect us, to what colors are the most effective psychologically for calming our spirits, and creating a sense of wellness in our lives.

There have also been studies on the benefits of forest bathing – how trees affect our health, lower our blood pressure and cortisol levels, and help reduce stress.

So we shouldn’t be surprised by the findings that Nature is definitely good for our health, emotions and mental state, and that it can now be backed up by scientific evidence.  But what is really intriguing, is the new research that is proving that exposure to the living world, and being in the outdoors can actually make us smarter.  It’s been proven that we have greater mental acuity after taking a Nature walk.

Probably the best reason you can give for why Nature can make us smart is because Nature IS smart!

Let’s face it. Nature knows what it is doing.  It has been programmed for sustainability and success.  This is good news because it reminds us that a sustainable world already exists.

Throughout the ages wise men and women, great thinkers, writers, philosophers, musicians and artist have tapped into Nature for wisdom and creativity.

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Resources for Today’s show:

“The Nature Principle” Richard Louv

“The Nature Fix” by Florence Williams

Biomimcry Institute –

Ted Talks – Janine Benyus: “Biomimicry in Action”

Photos by ali syaaban  and Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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