Mountain Zen Den Podcast ~ Episode 26 – Taking a Multi-Sensory Nature Walk

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Remember how big and magical and wonderful the world was when you were a kid? Do you remember the joy of being outside on a beautiful summer day, and even though the days were long they went by so fast and you hated when the sun went down because you knew that meant that you’d have to go back inside your house soon?

There is a seemingly forgotten, and unexpected joy we find when we step out of doors with the intention of using all of our senses and a child-like wonder. New wonders and discoveries are always waiting around the next corner. When you learn to be multi-sensory and intentionally aware, the concepts of boredom and apathy, fatigue and lethargy seem to evaporate like morning dew.

As you begin to explore the world around you with Beginner’s Mind, as if on a treasure hunt, there comes a ground-swell of inexpressible joy and you begin to see and notice things that weren’t there before.

Today, were are going to spend a few mindful minutes anchoring the value of this concept deeper into our hearts and minds, exploring new ways of discovering Nature, while recovering old ones we had as children.

So get comfortable and take a few deep breaths as we head out the door and take a magical multi-sensory Nature Walk…

Glad you’re here!



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