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Throughout the ages Mountains have represented so many things ~ strength, majesty, endurance, tranquility, greatness, and power,…

They have always been a symbol of shelter and permanence – something you can count on to always be there.

They rise above the plains, the dull, the ordinary, the everyday and speak to us of greatness, hope and possibility. They awaken the senses and renew our vision. The mountains have always been a place where people seek spiritual guidance… The ten commandments were given to Moses on the mountain. We talk of climbing mountains for better vision and seek gurus at the top of them. We retreat to them for rest and relaxation. We look to them for meaning and purpose and shelter.

Today’s show features an awesome meditation ~ one of my favorites ~ leading to that nature place that takes us to a higher level of being.


Welcome to Mountain Zen Den!



Photo by Brett Wilson for Mountain Zen Den

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