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Do you ever feel like you’re just living from pay check to pay check, trying to fill your life with things, attempting to buy your way to happiness…but not really living?

At a time when people in the West have the highest standard of living that we have ever had, why is it that we are so empty and dissatisfied, always searching for more? More things to make us happy? We find ourselves so restless and always scratching and clawing for more.

As humans we’re wired to become dissatisfied. We have an addiction and a craving for more. More, more, more… And we are encouraged to support and maintain the addiction through technology and information.

All you have to do is turn on the TV or radio, open a magazine or book to learn that you are not enough. If you would just buy this product or wear this article of clothing or drive this car or use this lotion you would be happy and have exactly what it is you want and need and everyone would admire and adore you.

Truth is, everything you need, you already have.

The sooner we learn this the closer we will be to discover real happiness and true inner peace.

Winter has a way of breaking things down to its barest essentials, reminding us what is truly necessary in order to live and be happy.

Today take a little trip to Walden Pond and join Thoreau for a few minutes as he ruminates on the simple pleasures of Winter Animals.

Glad you’re here!  Come on  in…



Photos by Char Beck on Unsplash and Susan C. Smith
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