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“Nature is not a place to visit.  It is home.” ~ Gary Snyder


There is a place you can always go deep inside your heart and mind.  A beautiful place you are cultivating deep within your being.  And the more time you spend there putting in good thoughts and gratitude and images of nature and health and well-being, the more beautiful and helpful this inner retreat center becomes. Like a beautiful, tranquil garden that is daily tended with love and purpose, you will find that in your times of stress and difficulty you will have a beautiful place to retreat to.

There is nothing more important that you can be doing than taking care of yourself.  If you are not in a good place yourself, then neither you can you be helpful or there for anybody else – not your children, your spouse, your friends and neighbors, coworkers, church or community – you are helpless until you get yourself grounded and healthy.

Just like the oxygen mask they tell you to put on yourself first in case of emergency when flying, you have got to take some time each day to put on your mindfulness oxygen mask and breathe deeply the pure, sweet life-giving air of stillness and simplicity.  This is how we cultivate a life of true meaning and purpose.  A life that is healthy and able to give immensely to others out of abundance and not lack or need.

With this in mind, we are going to take a little hike today to a high mountain lake.  So put on your most comfortable hiking shoes and clothes, maybe your favorite flannel shirt, your camel pack with snacks and water and your favorite walking stick.

Glad you’re here!



Photos by Brett Wilson for Mountain Zen Den

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