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“Not all who wander are lost…” ~ Gandalf


Do you ever feel like you’re caught on a merry-go-round, seeing the same old places, taking the same route to school or work, eating the same food, watching the same shows, thinking the same thoughts…rarely finding the element of joy or surprise in your life?

There’s a saying that true happiness is when you can be on a detour and enjoy the scenery.

In a world that is constantly accelerating faster and faster, we need to heed the call to learn of the Art of Slowing Down, and find the goodness and benefits that Nature has, just waiting for us to discover, partake in and enjoy.

When was the last time you got lost in the woods?


When was the last time you took the long way home? Stopped and watched a butterfly? Listened to the rain patter on the tree leaves or windows? Paid attention to the the way the wind felt blowing through your hair?

We need a wake up call to get back off-track and into the wild again, where we belong.

Join us for today’s show as we get lost in the beauty of Nature, and in doing so, find our way back home…



Photos by Regis Freyd and Danka Peter  on Unsplash


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